Dassto P.K.A DeepElephant (Damian Kamiński) is a Polish producer. He’s been in love with music since he was a little boy. He started off in 2006 as a dj playing all sorts of genres until he finally took to producing his own music. His experience brought some great results soon with his Techno, Minimal and Deep House productions. It is deep house that he produced under the alias of DeepElephant. Some of the first singles included “My Vision” and “Door” released on Flappers Records. The latter one, quite surprisingly at that time, climbed to reach the 31st place on Beatport Minimal chart. He was on a roll! In 2012 he started his own label Carypla Records. His Heimatlos remix made for a German producer was no. 2 in the deep house charts. Another lucky break came in 2013 with his Natalia and Paulina Przybysz x Hush Hush Pony- Creative People remix, which was well received, widely supported and resulted in many new bookings (incl. Germany). In the same year he collaborated with the Polish singer Marta Podulka to release “Find Your Way”. 2015 was a comeback to his techno and minimal roots. As Dassto, this year he’ll release 5 new singles and “Anonymous” is one that’s already been gathering a lot of support. Goals for the next year: his first album and working on the label he has given all his heart to!